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Engagement, Trend or Societal Shift?

Wednesday, February 19, 2020   (0 Comments)
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The evidence is overwhelming that engaged parents have a higher likelihood of raising engaged children. Highly engaged citizens create change. Highly engaged workforces drive higher profits. Highly engaged people are happier, healthier, and more successful. Engagement is the NWI’s Six Dimensions of Wellness

We are seeing a shift in society where workplaces are discussing stakeholder (employees) and shareholder (investors) values. Late last summer, the Business Roundtable updated their value statement by adding that creating stakeholder value is a critical success factor and should be a top priority to increase the overall success of the organization, including shareholder value.

This societal shift in the workplace is a result of many factors, but most importantly the fight for top talent in a full-employment society, the need for next-generation talent that wants to work for a company that cares for its people and the planet, and the need for communities all over the world to build places where people want to live, play and work. 

But we must not forget the need to let our employees engage in personal time with friends, family, and life in general. We must remember to create communities where everyone is welcomed and feel a sense of belonging. 

But we cannot stop at being engaged at work and in our communities. Engagement is a step within the relationship. From dating to engagement. From engagement to marriage. The next evolution is creating passion, dedication, champions, and world-changers. 

Why is this all-important in the wellness community? Because, wellness is the true intersection between health, happiness, productivity, longevity, engagement, productivity, drive, profitability, vitality, and purpose at work, at home, in your community and within yourself. 

To be great, we must live great and to live great requires a wholistic view of one-self. Are you covering all the bases? 

- Chuck Gillespie, CEO, National Wellness Institute