CEC Submission Form

Use this form to enter Continuing Education Credits (CECs) earned by participation in Category 2 continuing education activities (not pre-approved by NWI or CWCE). Documentation of hours and attendance is required for each event. Upon approval, CECs will be applied toward CWP re-certification. 

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Certifications and Expiration Dates

Where to Find myNWI ID # and Certification Expiration Date:

NON MEMBERS Check your inbox. Your myNWI ID# and certification expiration date have been sent in recent e-mails from the National Wellness Institute.

NWI MEMBERS Find your myNWI ID# by logging in to NationalWellness.org and clicking on 'Manage Profile' in the menu on the right. Then click on the 'Edit Bio' link to find your myNWI ID#. (Hint: This would be a good time to check that your profile information is current.)

Find your certification expiration date in your CEC Activity Report (CECAR). Log in to NationalWellness.org and click on 'Manage Profile' in the menu on the right. Scroll down to 'Content & Features' and click on the 'Professional Development' link in that section. Click on the "Journal Entries" tab. At the bottom of the list of Journal Entries, there will be an entry for your initial certification showing both the entry date and the expiration date. If you have both CWWS and CWWPM, enter the expiration date of the CWWPM.

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