AGS Provider Program

Enhance your program/practice by offering health and wellness genetic testing.

Exceptional discounts available to the NWI Community!

AGS Provider ProgramThe AGS Provider Program is open to all wellness, nutrition, fitness, athletic, and medical/clinical professionals looking to integrate AGS genetic testing into their professional practices and with existing clients/patients as a differentiating tool and add-on service. AGS offers approved and authorized providers exceptional wholesale discounts and retail commission opportunities. Key benefits include: the addition of an innovative science-based service to new and existing programs without the need for additional education or certification, the ability to customize personal health plans for clients/patients, the opportunity to provide personalized vs. generalized advice, increased professional confidence extensive ROI opportunities, enhanced client engagement and compliance, and extensive integration genetic testing and consultation training/support.

For more information about our programs, please contact AGS by filling out the form below. Click here to learn more about the individual tests.