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Learn about the genetic tests available through the NWI/AGS partnership.


AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests: Premium & NutraFit™

Understand your unique genetic makeup to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Better health starts with health awareness. Using the latest discoveries in genetic research, AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests profile and analyze those genes that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health, wellness, and athletic performance. Possessing knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make informed and educated decisions about your body and improve lifestyle choices around diet, exercise, nutrition, behavior, stress, weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. From ages 1 to 101, your Health & Wellness Genetic Profile is designed to deliver actionable data that is suitable for you, and only you. Increase vitality, maximize overall health, reduce the risk of disease, optimize nutrition, achieve ideal weight, increase physical/athletic performance, and steer clear of generalized advice or dangerous fads.

Premium Health & Wellness Report
(51 genes & 60+ SNPs | 36+ pages & 9 categories):

  • Category #1: “Your Macronutrients”
  • Category #2: “Your Fats”
  • Category #3: “Your Beverages”
  • Category #4: “Your Vitamins & Supplements”
  • Category #5: “Your Behavior”
  • Category #6: “Your Exercise & Activity”
  • Category #7: “Your Stress Response”
  • Category #8: “Your Health”
  • Category #9: “Health Awareness & Effort Score”
Download a sample Premium Health & Wellness Report here.

NutraFit™ Health & Wellness Report
(23 genes & 25 SNPs | 12+ pages & 4 categories):

  • Category #1: “Your Macronutrients”
  • Category #2: “Your Food Choice”
  • Category #3: “Your Vitamins & Supplements”
  • Category #4: “Your Exercise & Activity”
Download a sample NutraFit™ Health & Wellness Report here.

AGS Drug Sensitivity/Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Genetic Test

Improve medication safety & efficacy by understanding how your genes affect your reaction to drugs.

Your response to a specific drug can be affected by inherited genetic variations. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how individual patients respond to specific medications based on their genetic make-up. Using the latest discoveries in PGx, the AGS Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test profiles and analyzes your unique genetic characteristics in terms of drug effectiveness and safety. Knowledge of your genetic information can guide you and your physicians to make more precise medical choices, decrease trial and error prescribing, avoid serious Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), and dramatically improve clinical outcomes. Both predictive and preventative, this test ensures you are on the correct medication and dosage from the beginning. Each comprehensive report delivers detailed metabolic information and dosing recommendations on over 465 FDA approved medications in 12 different medication classes, in addition to beverages and recreational-use drugs.

Download a sample Drug Sensitivity/Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Genetic Report here.

AGS SkinHealth™ Genetic Test

Achieve and maintain optimal skin health that will last a lifetime.

While you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can take active steps to reduce the risk of aging and certain negative skin effects. Personalized genetic information about your unique skin and skin type allows you to focus on modifiable lifestyle factors such as your skin care regimen, what products you use, and altering your diet or adding appropriate vitamin supplements to positively impact skin health and encourage skin repair. To support your efforts toward healthy skin, AGS has developed a proprietary algorithm that identifies your Overall Skin Summary Wheel. This section of your personal AGS SkinHealth™ Genetic Test report takes into account Skin Elasticity & Firmness, Environmental Sensitivity, Vitamins and Antioxidants, and Overall Skin Condition. As the body’s largest organ, genetics plays a major role in keeping skin bright and healthy for a lifetime.

Download a sample SkinHealth™ Genetic Report here.

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